Business Plan

Opal India Business Plan

Associates are assets of our company. Opal India is glad to compensate the Rich and Easy Business Plans to our valuable associates, who set their goal of reaching financial freedom by helping others.

How to join us?

By purchasing a joining kit of from us is the only way to join in our company and also become a distributor.


Direct Sales Income

Team Binary Income / Repurchase Income

Your Direct Refer Income (Single Side Income)

Royalty Income

Direct Sales Income

Associates, who get their products at discount price.

Team Binary Income [PV Matching Joining & Repurchase]

1000 PV : 1000 PV = Rs.100/-
50000 PV : 50000 PV = Rs.5,000/- per day
Daily cut off
Daily pay out
Minimum pay out is Rs.200/-
Power side carry forward.

Your Direct Refer Placement Income

Our distributors are eligible for your direct refer placement income, when they comes every direct refer in your down line. Pay Out for both A & B side, 5% will be paid for that month.

Royalty Income

Our Distributors are eligible for Royalty Income, when they reach volume of 200000 PV match. Continue to get royalty income, 50000 PV matching in a month.

Royalty = Company's monthly Total sale = 5% = Eligible royalty distributor


20% Deduction Charge. (For more details, please contact your leader)